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Learn SEMrush for better competitor research data.

Build better competitor research data with SEMrush.

We all want to know what our competitors are doing. With SEMrush you can
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A Quick SEMrush Review

Since getting more involved in search engine marketing, it was necessary I searched out tools or services that gave me the competitive edge against my competitors. In my early days of SEM, I sought after Google Keyword Tools because it was free. Can't complain about free, can you?

Although I love just about everything Google offers, I felt that the Google Keyword Tool fell a bit flat. There are always going to be downsides to free tools, in my opinion. Therefore, I needed to find a better, more in-depth tool that satisfied my need for search engine marketing and competitive research. I looked up, down, left and right. And somehow, SEMrush continued popping up. So, I took the free trial they offer and loved it.

I'd encourage you to take a quick dive into their free access to get a better sense of the user interface, their reporting options and much much more.

I've expanded on some of the primary sections of SEMrush to give you an idea of what to expect and how to get started with SEMrush. Take a dive using the navigation above.


SEMrush offers free registration to dive deeper into competitor domains. Give it a test drive today!